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Sue's Caravans are a small friendly family run business letting clean and comfortable holiday caravans on the Butlins Skegness resort. 

we let our own caravans and also act as letting agents for other owners too.

if your interested in us letting for you please get in touch.

We pride ourselves on having a lovely selection of holiday homes from slightly older caravans to brand new ones... this means we probably have something for you.

Regardless of age we strive to present them in exactly the way we would hope to find them ourselves.

We have caravans on the closest parts of Butlins to the main areas, those are Poplars and Dunes, in addition we have others on Sandhills, parkside, Bankside, and The Retreat. 

The closest are 2 to 3 mins walk and the furthest are around a

8 to10 min walk to the main areas.

Latest Info for private caravan guests (02/04/24) 
Please see the below changes which will start from Friday 5th April –
Circus - Private guests will be able to access the circus via the booked queue with no booking. We are confident that we now have plenty of spaces, however should the circus reach capacity you may be asked to go back at a different time.

Splash - To avoid any disappointment and being turned away from Splash, we will now operate bookable sessions for Splash for private guests. From Friday 5th April guests will need to call or pop into Owner Services to book a swimming session, this will ensure we can manage the capacity within the pool.

Bookings will need to be made on the day for the session which you wish to attend.

Soft Play - Guests will just need to book a session on arrival at a booking point.

Entertainment venues - Guests will continue to join the non booked queue to access the venue. Reds is a free flow venue.

We also wanted to confirm that the ice rink will be on resort until the 18th April. The Roller Rink will then be available from the 22nd April and continue to be a free flow activity. 

(It is anticipated that July will be the earliest time the pool will return to normal capacity)


Butlins throughout the season run various events and adult only music weekends, children are not allowed on resort during adult music weekends at all, details of the dates of these can be found below.

In addition there are 3 weekends where the resort hosts private events.

ESF EVENTS - These are where the whole main resort is hired out to a 3rd Party for sporting tournaments to take place, during these breaks expect variations in availabilty of Butlins entertainment, timings and restricted access to some venues. DATES - 19th April - and the 3rd, 10th and 17th May.

We are providers of holiday homes only and have no involvment or responsibility for changes to Butlins entertainment or access to any of their facilities.

 Mon 1st April    Spring Harvest    RESTRICTIONS APPLY SEE ABOVE
Fri 26th April    Absolute 80s    18+ No Children Allowed

Fri 10th May    Rhinos Rugby    RESTRICTIONS APPLY SEE ABOVE
Fri 17th May    Rhinos Rugby/Netball    RESTRICTIONS APPLY SEE ABOVE

Fri 7th June    Back to the 2000s    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri 14th June    Absolute 80s    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri  21st June    90s Reloaded    18+ No Children Allowed

Fri 6th September    90s Reloaded    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri 13th September    Replay Weekender    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri 20th September    Absolute 80s    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri 27th September    Back to the 2000s    18+ No Children Allowed

Fri 4th October    Bootleg Ball    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri 11th October    We Love the 70s    18+ No Children Allowed

Fri 1st November    Back to the 2000s    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri 8th November    Soul Weekender    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri 15th November    We Call it Dance    18+ No Children Allowed
Fri 22nd November    Absolute 80s    18+ No Children Allowed

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