These revised terms and conditions apply to bookings made after the 23/3/2021

Requests to make changes to bookings within 28 days of your holiday start date will incur an admin fee of £25 plus any associated costs (additional persons for example)
Once you have your holiday confirmation from Butlins any amendments are charged at £45 plus any associated costs (name changes, additional persons etc).


Should you arrive on your check in day with additional persons not booked and we have to attend the reception to resolve this will be charged a further £50 (plus the above charges) this must be paid before the amendment is made and you can collect your keys to the caravan.

VERY IMPORTANT - We do not accept any cancellation or alteration to booking requests over the telephone, social media, messaging or any other method than by email to - onlinebooking@suescaravans.co.uk and all requests must include the booking reference number.


A £50/£75/£100 deposit is required to book any break, this then becomes the damage/deposit for the holiday, this deposit must be paid by card and is not refundable after 7 days have past from the day of booking. 

The balance must be paid 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the holiday and it is the hirers responsibility to make sure that payment is made on time.
Please contact us for details of how to make payment. You are welcome to pay in installments weekly or monthly at no extra charge, any payment must be at least £50.
All advertised prices are guide prices only we will confirm the price upon request at the time of booking.


Bookings made within 8 weeks of the arrival date will require full payment at the time of submission unless agreed before booking. 
Bookings made less than 72 hours prior to the start date will incur a late booking fee of £25 in addition to the advertised cost. This may not be displayed at time of booking but will be added to your invoice.

We do advise strongly you to take out Holiday Insurance to cover you for losses should you need to cancel for any reason this includes if any event is cancelled due to adverse weather, no refunds will be made.

If you need to cancel your holiday prior to the start date due to illness, accident or injury you need to email us confirming your intention to cancel.

In the event that you are unable to take your holiday due to sickness, bereavement, jury service, redundancy or Jury Service you must supply relevant documentation to support this, for example a Doctors Certificate ,Redundancy Notification from your employer, Death Certificate or Court Service notification etc.
If you provide proof that you are unable to take your holiday your cancellation will be processed in accordance with our Cancellation Charges table below.
Failure to provide written proof within 14 days of cancellation will mean no refund is given.

A minimum charge of £25 for cancellation requests will be applied - this included requests made within 7 days of booking. This £25 becomes our admin charge for the booking and the cancellation work.
Cancellations after 7 days and before 56 days prior to arrival - all monies paid (less deposit and cancellation fee) will be refunded.

56 days or more prior to the start date - £25 
55 - 43 prior to the start date of your holiday - £75
42 - 29 prior to the start of your holiday - £150

No refund will be given for cancellation requests within 28 days unless we are able to sell the holiday you have booked to another party. Should we sell that holiday for less than the price you paid we will deduct the difference between the price you paid and the price we manage to resell at. The refund amount will be the difference (if any) between the two less an administrative charge of £75.

We have no control over the supply and availability of entertainment,goods, services and facilities offered or advertised by Butlins. Any omission to an advertised break or non availability of facilities to include closure of or access to any facility or venue due to restrictions of numbers is not reason for refund by ourselves


You should consider taking out travel insurance to cover these scenarios including ill health or bereavement, family member illness etc. We will assist with claims made under your holiday insurance for cancellations to the best of our ability at all times.


The caravan will be available from the time indicated on your holiday confirmation on the day of arrival and after presentation of your paperwork to the Caravan Village check-in team you will handed the keys to the caravan.
4.1 The caravan must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure, late departure is charged at £10 per half hour.
Please leave the caravan in a clean and tidy condition remembering to lock the doors and windows and do not forget to hand the issued keys back into reception. Loss or non-return of keys will be charged so please don't forget! 
If you leave at time when the office is closed please hand your keys to the security gate who will ensure they are handed back to reception.

In the event we discover that an error has been made during the booking process or with the price of an advertised holiday we reserve the right to amend that booking up to and including the date of arrival. We reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time, If a holiday is advertised incorrectly we SUES CARAVANS can and will offer that break at its correct price to the booker whenever possible but also we may simply cancel the booking and return any monies paid to the person booking.
All our holidays are advertised as offers to treat only.

Smoking is not permitted inside the caravan and if smoking outside please do not stub cigarettes out on the decking - it's plastic and will mark, please dispose of any cigarette ends and do not leave them on the ground outside the caravan.
Evidence of smoking in the van or damage to the veranda will result in you losing your bond.

No pets are allowed in the caravan and if found you will be asked to leave, this includes visitors to the caravan.

Duvets and pillows are provided for all beds, however you are required to supply your own bed linen or you can hire the linen from our cleaners who will provide this service to you. 
Soiled bedding is charged for and will be taken from your bond.,if we discover after your departure soiled bedding we will charge you the cost of replacing the item and a service charge of £10 should it be not able to be laundered.

This may result in your deposit being held until we are satisfied that we are able to launder an item.

If you choose bed linen supply only please ensure you remove the bedding and place inside one of our quilt covers and leave on one of the beds. Bed linen supplied and not fitted by us must be removed if it is not we will charge £5 from your deposit for doing so.
This does not apply to fitted linen as you have paid for the fitting and removal in the cost.

We strongly advise that if you choose to bring your own bed linen that you take a photograph of each bed showing you had linen on, if you do not do this and we suspect you have not used bed linen you will lose your refundable bond.

Gas and electricity is included in the booking price.

We are not able to accept bookings from single sex parties or groups under 25 years of age without prior agreement. 

Any person staying in the caravan must be named on the booking form and have a wristband or pass to enter and use any of Butlins Facilities, any attempt to over occupy the caravan or avoid payment for wristbands/passes WILL result in your holiday being terminated and you will asked to leave the resort without refund. Our inclusive passes are based on 4 persons in our 3 bedroom caravans and 6 persons in our 4 bedroom holiday homes 
Extra persons are charged at £65 per break for family breaks.


The cost is per person on an Adult Music Weekend this includes the wristband for entry to Butlins resort. Please contact us for the additional guest price for your booking. 

We cannot accept liability for personal injury or the loss or damage to persons named on the booking form or your personal belongings,this applies to any visitors you may have to the caravan your stopping in. In addition we cannot accept responsibility for damage to or theft from any vehicle parked within the boundaries of the caravan plot, this should be covered by your own holiday insurance.

We do ask for a deposit of £100 at the time of booking, this is then becomes the damage deposit and is payable in addition to the cost of your holiday.
(£100 is the minimum amount for adult weekends and an additional bond may be required at our discretion).
Any damage found after your departure is chargeable, this includes accidental damage, that said each incident will be treated on its own merits so please do let us know if anything gets damaged accidently, if you cause damage or break something and it is obvious you have attempted to hide this from us then you will forfeit your whole deposit.
You are expected to leave the caravan in a clean and tidy condition upon your departure, if you choose to not do this you may well be charged an extra cleaning charge of £45.

Damage, missing items or soiling of the carpets, bedding, mattresses,  quilts pillows etc. will be charged for.

Evidence of smoking or pets in the caravan (damage or smell) - your bond will be lost in full.
The lead guest is responsible for all guests behaviour and only those named on booking form will be able to stay in caravan.

You cannot buy additional passes yourselves and all guests staying in the caravan must be named on the booking form. The deposit is also retained if you break any of the rules regarding over occupancy.

Your deposit secures your holiday and until payment is made to us we cannot guarantee that your chosen date is yours and we will continue to advertise your date until that payment is made we will hold any break or quoted price for 7 days to allow payment to be made.

We do not allow the use of these products inside our caravan the spray tan leaves a residue that adheres to all surfaces, Any evidence of fake tan on our linen, carpets, curtains or anywhere else will result in full loss of your bond.
Tattoo ink damage - Any staining from fresh tattoos will result in loss of bond. 

Please check we have been given the correct details of all guests including dates of birth and please please remember to read the confirmation you will get from Butlins once we have submitted the booking to Butlins.


Once you have the confirmation ANY alterations to the bookings are charged at £25. Any guests arriving without photo ID (either photo driving licence or passport) will not be allowed to check in by Butlins and we charge £50 plus any amendment fee (£25) for a call out to resolve this. it is imperative you all have that ID.

Sometimes the holiday homes we advertise and you book may need to be changed at short notice, this is not ideal for anyone but things do happen very occasionally, for example there may be an electrical issue or the boiler may be broken and we are awaiting parts to repair etc. If a caravan is not in a condition we can allow you to use it we may offer alternative accommodation to you, this may be a caravan of a different grade, if the replacement caravan is of a higher grade you will not be asked to pay for that upgrade but if we have to offer you a lower grade than you booked you are entitled to a refund of the difference between the two grades.
As we act as agents for private owners we cannot always guarantee a particular holiday home will be available but we will always try to offer you alternatives and we will also use our contacts to find a caravan with another company on the Butlins site. We cannot guarantee any specific location for a replacment and you accept that you may be in a different area should your booking need to be moved. No refunds for change of location will be made.


If due to travel restrictions in your local area or in the East Lindsey area where Butlins Skegness is located you are not able to travel to take up your holiday you are entitled to cancel your holiday and get a refund less an admin charge to cover our costs of processing and refunding said booking.

Some people may feel that they do not want to want to travel due to Covid-19 concerns even if the holiday home you booked and the expected level of facilities are available to you at Butlins Skegness, this is of course a choice made by the booking guest not ourselves nor would it be a restriction imposed upon us, and as such our standard terms and conditions for cancellations would apply with the levels of deduction detailed becoming operative.

You can move your holiday for a fee of £20 to another date.

We are entitled to make a deduction from refunds to cover costs incurred and it is stated that these must be "reasonable" and reflect costs incured by a business, ANY cancellation will have a minimum fee of £25 deducted from the refund due.