If your reading this you are probably rightfully concerned about the effect Covid-19 could have on a new booking should you be considering taking the plunge and booking with us, but you really shouldn't be as your in safe hands.

Back in July when we opened our doors again to guests we had no idea if anyone would come, they did and during the summer holidays we were fully booked, no access to Butlins was possible but still people came and to be honest we were really surprised at how many took up the opportunity to take a break after the lockdown. 

We took care to ensure that all our holiday homes were cleaned and sanitised following all the advice we were given by the goverment and our associations, people said how much they had enjoyed just getting away and enjoying some family time, of course we lost a huge amount of bookings but each of those who booked and didn't want to come were refunded, we asked if they would reschedule, some did some didn't, we still treated them fairly after all some had booked when we had no idea what Covid-19 even was.

As we look forward to 2021 lets hope at some point we begin to get back to some kind of normality to our lives and learn to work with the undoubted restrictions we will have to continue to live with for a while longer.....

Our 2021 prices included wristbands for access to Butlins as we hope we may be allowed to use the facilities on the main resort next year, we have to price this way, if for any reason we are unable to offer access to Butlins again then we will offer a reduction on the price paid, the reductions given in 2020 were up to 50% off the booked price. You may reschedule your break should you not be able to travel, however unlike in 2020 we all now are familiar with what is happening in our lives with this virus and for that reason we will be charging a cancellation fee of an amount equal to the booking deposit. We have to share at least some of the risk involved in booking a holiday. Sadly some people abuse goodwill, we have had people, regular guests infact who have called a week before arrival to cancel saying they cannot travel due to Coronavirus etc....only for us to see them on resort having booked with someone else! I am all for being fair but sadly there is always someone who will take advantage of a situation. 

We hope you understand our situation and hope you choose to book with us your 2021 break. 

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